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A Touch of Country Vacations, Inc.

2023 Vacations Schedule

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Dates, Locations, and Accommodations subject to change

*Economy Package Session Itinerary with Options Available upon Request

*Jan 9-13 5-day "Winter Blast in So. Cal" $995.00

San Diego Zoo

*Jan 22-28 7-day "January Jamboree" $1,395.00

Plus San Diego Sea World

*Feb 22-28 7-day "Lovin Country Time" $1,395.00

Plus San Diego Safari Park

Mar 6-10 5-day "Solvang Sweet Memories" $1,590.00

Resort Trip

Mar 23-29 7-day "St Patty's Fun Time" $2,200.00

San Diego Mission Valley Resort

Plus San Diego Sea World

*April 3-7 5-day "Hop Into Spring" $1,015.00

San Dieo Area Fun

Plus San Diego Zoo

April 18-24 5-day "Big Bear Resort/Area Relaxing Time" $2.200.00

*May 8-12 5 day "May Day Madness" $1,015.00

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

May 18-24 7-day "Sun Blast in San Diego Area" $2,200.00

Mission Valley Resort Vacation

San Diego Zoo

*Jun 5-9 5-day "Hawaiian Fun in San Diego" $1,115.00

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Jun 26-30 5-day " Sunny-Time Resort/Area Fun " $1,590.00

Palm Springs/Indio Resort

*Jul 10-14 5 day Beach Boy Summertime San Diego" $1,155.00

Plus Knott's Berry Farm

July 25-31 7 Day "Summer All Day Fun" Big Bear" $2,200.00

Resort/ Area

*Aug 7-11 5 day "Beach Boys Fun Time" San Diego" $1,115.00

"Plus San Diego Zoo Safari Park"

Aug 22-28 7-day "Resort at San Diego Mission Valley" $2,200.00

Plus San Diego Sea World

*Sept 5-11 7 day "Elvis - Themed Fall Fun" San Diego $1,420.00

Plus Knott's Berry Farm

Sept 18-22 5-day "Get Ready For Fall" At Palm Springs/ $1,590.00

Indio Resort

*Oct 2-6 5-day "Pumpkin Patch Party Time" San Diego $995.00

Plus San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Oct 17-24 8-day "Fall Fun Big Bear Resort/Area" $2,544.00

*Nov 6-10 5-day "Country Turkey Time San Diego" $1,295.00

Plus San Diego Sea World

Nov 28-12/4 7-day "So Cal Christmas Fun" in San Diego $2,200.00

Oceanside Beach Resort plus San Diego Sea World

*Dec 11-15 5-day "So Cal Christmas Fun " In San Diego Area $995.00